Liz works with companies that want to equip their supervisors and managers with the skills they need to be successful leaders. She is known as the Queen of Ops because of her ability to see through confusion and inefficiencies and find ways to get results better, faster, and cost-effectively.

Whether she’s training onsite at a client location or speaking at a leadership conference, audiences get practical solutions to everyday leadership challenges they can apply in the real-world.

After 20 years of practicing, studying, and teaching leadership skills, she’s developed a set of tools that work. In fact, she’s written 4 books packed full of strategies leaders can implement to get real results, real fast.

As a result of her work, supervisors and managers are prepared to anticipate and solve problems, develop and empower others to find innovative improvements, and attract and retain top talent.

She lives in Minnesota with her husband and enjoys golfing, gardening, and spending time with her family.

The Coach and Mentor Group
East Bethel,
MN 55011, USA
(612) 961-9801