Our Mission

The mission of the East Bethel Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate business relationships and opportunities, to advocate on behalf of Membership application our members to governmental bodies and the general public, and to promote the best interests of our membership.

The East Bethel Chamber of commerce is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization with the purpose of helping our member businesses and the community prosper. We serve East Bethel, as well as, surrounding communities. We provide resources and opportunities to our member businesses that may not be otherwise available. The East Bethel Chamber of Commerce was established in July of 2013 by a group of enterprising business owners who decided it was time to provide a voice for local businesses.

The chamber is made up of businesses, civic organizations, public entities and concerned citizens that have united to promote a strong business climate and prospering community. We provide our members with opportunities to network with other local businesses, learn from our meetings and programs, and promote their businesses to help them thrive

The East Bethel Chamber of Commerce is about the people and businesses that makeup this organization. Collectively, a group of people can achieve more than one individual. The strength of the Chamber lies within its members and their drive to improve and grow.

To join, please follow the link to the membership application, print and mail with your check of $125 to the address provided.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”
-James Cash Penney