Come and play our 27 hole course

Blue Ribbon Pines is located in East Bethel MN, about 30 minutes north of Minneapolis, featuring a Tournament level course with 27 holes always, but different layouts week to week! You’re always in for something new!

The Course is open 24/7, 365 days a year, no matter if its raining or snowing, but let us hope it’s sunny. If the Pro Shop is not open when you arrive, just drop the day pass fee in the door and you’re good to go!


Opened in August of 2006, Blue Ribbon Pines has always been truly a labor of love. But before BRP was the course you know today, the land was used for years as sod for the landscaping company Ray Jordan and Sons!

Originally designed by Minnesota pros Timmy Gill and Steve Beckman, the course was proposed to landowner Ray Jordan without to much Disc Golf experience at all! As Timmy and Steve drew up the plans, Ray put in more man-hours than he can count, and he fell in love with the sport during the process, bringing BRP to what is today, and everchanging along the way!

Today, BRP is still owned by Ray and his family today, Blue Ribbon Pines brings players from across the world to play our unique 27 hole layout.

The property sees use nearly all year long, with tournaments ranging all year, the busiest time being the Summer months!

Blue Ribbon Pines Disc Golf
1901 Klondike Drive Northeast,
East Bethel, MN