Garphish Brewing is nothing short of unique. The building itself has been a number of things over the years including a silent movie theater, city hall and a Lutheran church. Garphish the brewery, was named after a family tradition of fishing for gar the fish. Summer reunions at the family’s Otter Tail County cabin have long been nicknamed “Gar Days.” You can immediately sense the church history there as you enter a side-door, climb a set of stairs into a foyer-like area and enter into a large chapel-turned-taproom. Tall windows that may or may not have been stained glass at one time allowed plenty of the day’s warm sunshine to filter in. A stage at the far end of the taproom may have held a preacher’s pulpit at one time but on this day provides kids with a great space to play.

A big sign in the taproom reads:

1.  Serve The Lord

2.  Serve Good Beer

3. Always In This Order

Garphish Brewing Company
165 Main St,
Bethel, MN