Welcome to Warren’s dog stop. We are a boarding and training kennel in Oak Grove, Minnesota.

Warren started competing in obedience and Schutzhund in 1992 with his first Rottweiler, Phantom. These competitions cemented Warren’s desire to center his life around dogs and helping them anyway he can. After spending 18 years as a trainer and decoy for various protection sports, he made the decision to leave corporate work and follow his dreams. Warren’s Dog Stop was founded in October 2010, and has steadily grown.

At our facility, dogs stay in kennels similar to what most people have in their homes and receive play time individually at least eight times throughout the day. Dogs are generally awakened at 7 a.m. and bedtime is around 10 p.m. with multiple exercise times throughout the day. Because of our limited size and curriculum, dogs that are shy or fearful, or have social issues tend to do well at our facility. Your dog will build a one-on-one relationship with Warren, and that generally alleviates any issues with the less than social dogs.

We also offer structured daycare with or without training, for busy bodied dogs with families who are just as busy.

Boarding $35 a day. We prorate half days, cutoff at noon.
Daycare $25 a day.
Boot camps: please call for price and availability.
Overnight or day training camps available.

Call or text Warren today for a free consult. 651-208-1572

Warren’s Dog Stop
1352 Viking Blvd NW,
Oak Grove, MN 55011
(651) 208-1572